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About Bisto

Whether it’s a roast with all the trimmings or bangers and mash, Bisto has been a part of family
mealtimes since 1908. A taste of home for all occasions, we’ve been there for celebratory roasts, comforting midweek meals and always for Sunday lunch.

Take a stroll through our history and find out how
Bisto came to be The Nation’s Favourite.

  1. The Bisto story begins

    Colleagues Mr Roberts and Mr Patterson get working on a gravy recipe after their wives ask them to come up with an easy way of producing smooth gravy every time. The finished product is named ‘Bisto’ for it’s unique ability to ‘Brown, Season and Thicken in One’.

  2. Here come the Bisto Kids!

    Created by cartoonist Wilf Owen, nobody knows exactly who came up with the idea for Bill and Maree but they soon became loved by the nation. Their legacy lives on to this day with their catchphrase - “aah! Bisto”.

  3. Vintage recipe book

    This retro Bisto cookbook featured a traditional method for making good gravy as well as British classics that are still family favourites today, such as Lancashire stew and toad in the hole.

  4. Bisto during wartime…

    Bisto tins lost their bright colours during World War 2 in order to save on commodities such as paper and printing ink, which were needed for the war effort.

  5. Introducing the new Bisto Kids…

    The rag-clad Bisto Kids were given a makeover in the early 1970s with fancy new clothes but the same loveable charm. They continued to feature in Bisto adverts until 1995.

  6. The Nation's Favourite

    By the end of the 1970’s families were busier than ever, but good gravy could now be enjoyed in an instant thanks to the launch of Bisto Gravy Granules. They quickly became The Nation’s Favourite and a staple in store cupboards nationwide.

  7. Today

    Bisto Today

    Over the years, we’ve kept up with ever-changing family
    routines to create flavoursome and convenient products for hearty
    family mealtimes. Our expanding range now includes products suitable
    for all kinds of cooks and dishes, so there will always be delicious gravy on the table.
    We’ve added Tray Bake and Hob Top to our Made Simple range for the taste of
    homemade, made simple and now we’ve launched our Bisto Best Ready to Use Gravy Sauces
    available in 3 delicious flavours.